Brief Introduction

The Diocesan Pastoral Youth Centre was established after the blessing of the premise by Bishop Arquimínio Rodrigues da Costa on 28th November 1976. It is an institution directly affiliated to Macau Diocese. The Director of the Centre is appointed by the Bishop. Its expenditures are entirely financed by the Diocese.

The aim of the Pastoral Centre is to provide young people with the opportunity of character formation and social awareness in the Spirit of Christ. In our contacts with young men and women, we have endeavored to communicate a positive, Christian attitude in personal development, taking into account an active participation in social understanding and sharing of social responsibilities.

Fields of Work

Since its establishment the Diocesan Pastoral Youth Centre has, in response to social needs, designed a variety of activities to enhance young people’s awareness of society and of the Church.

  1. Church-Related:
    The Centre takes on the role of a contact service provider, an organizer and a supporter. In recent years, the Centre has organized a number of large-scale Diocesan activities that seek to promote the Spirit of Faith, Hope and Love in a society punctuated by economic affluence and recession. Examples of church-related activities supported by the Centre include Christmas Caroling, Liturgy and Music Workshop, Commemoration of Pope Benedict XVI, Delegation (Youth) to Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference, Delegations to World Youth Day and Asian Youth Day. Besides, the Pastoral Centre has also been invited to host spirituality renewal programs such as bible meetings, spiritual retreats and theme-based seminars.

  2. Society-Related:
    With the aim of enabling young people to maintain close contact with society, the Pastoral Centre has launched a series of campaigns to raise young people’s awareness to social development. Recently, the Centre has hosted a number of seminars relating to local legislation. The Centre has also involved both Catholics and non-Catholics in its annual Food Sharing Campaign.

    In terms of supporting local education, the Centre has been providing counseling services in further education and career planning. The Centre has also been giving advice and spiritual support to Catholic university students involved in the East Asian Programs in their effort to practise the Social Teachings of the Church.

  3. Cooperation:
    Members of the Centre also take part in activities co-organized by other communities within the Diocese. For instance, they provide support for Macau Laity Association and Macau Bible Association.

Catechism Classes

Since its establishment, the Centre has been offering courses guiding young men and women to seek understanding of the Church and to appreciate the guidance of the Gospel

Mission and Vision

The mission & vision of the Diocesan Pastoral Youth Centre can perhaps be summarized by the following slogan:

To Understand Ourselves
To Show Appreciation for Others
To Be United in the Love of God

We hope that every visitor to the Centre will be motivated to partake in life-sharing experiences. In the process of giving and receiving, we hope to see that each person will come to appreciate their God-gifted talents, and to find joy in serving and collaborating with people from different walks of life.





  • 地址:澳門羅若翰神父街30號
  • 電話:(853) 2821 0758
  • 傳真:(853) 2857 9437
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  • 辦公時間:1:00PM~8:00PM
  • 逢星期二至日